Restore Your Vehicle's Power

Schedule power repair services in Shreveport, LA

Power systems in your vehicle are supposed to make operating easier, from moving your seats to steering your vehicle. When your equipment starts acting up, you'll want to visit Captain Shreve Auto & Tire to receive auto electrical services. We look forward to finding solutions to your electrical problems in Shreveport, LA.

Ready to check power repair off your to-do list? Stop by our shop today to receive affordable services from our trained team.

What power systems can we fix?

If electrical malfunctions are causing problems with the power systems on your vehicle, rely on our experts to find and fix them efficiently. We provide power repair services for:

  • Power seats - is your seat not moving when you press the switch?
  • Electrical buttons - are your window or radio buttons not working?
  • Power steering - does your car make a whining noise when you turn the wheel?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, call 318-865-2886 ASAP to schedule auto electrical services in Shreveport, LA. We offer financing options and free estimates.

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